It’s no surprise that many of our professional studio customers have also commissioned Neil Grant to oversee the design of their own personal AV, home cinema and security systems.

Working alongside leading architects and interior designers, Harris Grant finds the perfect home for beautiful sound and images. Whether it’s discreetly refined or boldly ostentatious, every project reflects and complements the lifestyles and aspirations of our clients.

Discerning music artists and studio owners put their trust in Neil Grant’s technical vision. And so do our residential clients who demand the same creative flair and absolute discretion. From Tokyo and LA to London’s smartest addresses – Harris Grant brings entertainment to life for private individuals who appreciate a service that’s unfailingly attentive and always personal.

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core skills

  • Networked audio and video entertainment
  • Theatre systems, speakers and screens
  • Apple TV streaming
  • Secure email and web browsing
  • Videoconferencing, Skype, FaceTime and IP video calling
  • VPN and VoIP
  • Building management, access and control
  • CCTV and security
  • Programming and updates
  • TV – satellite, terrestrial, Blu-ray and online sources
  • DAB and Internet radio
  • Scalable Internet access
  • Office and intranet access
  • Fixed, wired and wireless phones
  • Data backups and security
  • Environmental and lighting control
  • Remote monitoring, reporting and preventive maintenance
  • Help desk, on-site service and support