Harris Grant designs, installs and maintains AV entertainment, control, security and communication systems for an impressive roster of the world’s most lavish superyachts.

Fusing leading-edge technologies with an instinctive sense of luxury and craftsmanship, you’ll see our unique signature on a spectacular range of innovative and opulent sea-borne projects – from newly commissioned vessels to refits and upgrades.

From concept to commissioning, Harris Grant’s relationships with many of the world’s leading shipyards, marine architects, interior designers and brokers assure a satisfyingly seamless, integrated service. Working in close partnership with his clients, Neil Grant personally oversees every marine project to ensure that expectations are unfailingly met and exceeded.

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  • America
    • Ronin
  • France
    • Serene
    • Topaz
  • Germany
    • Katana
    • Tatoosh
  • Greece
    • Al Waeli
  • Netherlands
    • Charade
    • Elegant
    • Event
    • Gu
    • Imagine
    • Katrion
    • Lady Aviva
    • Madame Gu
    • Amels HN5502
    • Meduse
    • Sea Rhapsody
    • Twizzle
    • Utopia

core skills

  • Networked audio and video entertainment
  • Hi-fi and theatre systems
  • Integration with interiors
  • Cloud storage and digital distribution
  • VPN and VoIP
  • IT systems
  • Satellite and SeaTel
  • Touch screen and mobile control
  • Steward call systems
  • Reporting and preventive maintenance
  • Help desk and support
  • Music and video streaming
  • Cinema screening rooms
  • Central media servers
  • Telephone systems
  • Videoconferencing
  • Fixed and wireless Internet
  • Lighting, climate and environmental systems
  • CCTV and security
  • Remote monitoring of vital signs
  • Programming and updates